Financial Expert

Richard Proteau

My mission: To transfer my extensive knowledge of the financial industry into actionable digital libraries accessed through Interface Agents and preactive applications in order to empower the consumer in choosing DIY financial solutions while efficiently delegating part or the whole of a financial plan to a chosen and accountable financial professional. Over the last 25 years, Richard Proteau ACS FLMI BSc (previously CFP, CLU and RHU) has extensive knowledge of the financial industry. With his experience of insurance, investments and lending, he has developed a passion for the financial industry leading to his involvement in some of the largest insurance cases in the industry. His knowledge of insurance and reinsurance allowed for the successful completion of a case involving more than $300 million something that all insurers had described as impossible to do. He was a columnist for Marketing Options debating government fiscal policies in a column titled Building Block and his views were often used to debate the Department of Finance positions on life insurance. Richard has also used his experience and knowledge to write articles on a variety of financial topics particularly on the taxation of life insurance. He is the author of 2 financial books and designer of the first insurance Android application to determine the FMV of life insurance and is now working on the first GLOBAL Mortgage application.