Financial Expert

Nick Loper

I used to have a "real" job.    You know, the kind with a big brand-name company, a steady paycheck, and even a company car.   But I wanted out. I didn't want to climb the corporate ladder. I wanted to build my own ladder!   Since then I've built websites, written books, worked from far corners of the globe, coached new and seasoned entrepreneurs, and connected with some pretty amazing people.    These days my aim is to help you build something you care about, generate income outside of your day job, and build more financial freedom and security into your life.   You can learn more about that and join the community at   When it comes to your "side hustle" work, keep the 3 C's in mind: Creation, Connection, and Contribution. What can you build or offer that others will value? How will it help you forge lasting relationships with your friends, family, and customers? What purpose will it ultimately serve?   Those are the essential ingredients for a happy life, even if you have zero desire to a business.   Whether you're looking to escape the 9-5 grind or just earn a few extra bucks, let's connect!   P.S. You're not alone; there's an entire Nation of side hustlers out there :)