Financial Services Professional

Michael F. Kay

How you grow up factors into your life and financial decisions in a big way. My dad was a Depression baby, and worked two jobs as a teacher and a musician. He saved every nickel. My mom was a child prodigy violinist and had no problem spending. Discussions about money were generally “forte”. So, my money mindset eventually resolved toward a balance between thrift and spending. It was not a straight line. I started working toward my true calling from an unlikely place. After deciding that a career as a trumpet player wasn’t in the cards, I earned my CPA and worked in public accounting for 10 years. It was my background in finance and my passion for working directly with families that led me to Financial Life Planning. Listening to your story and planning for the life you want makes my job energizing, rewarding, and well…awesome. I founded Financial Life Focus because I wanted to work with people who put your success at the forefront of everything they do; people who understand that finding balance is a journey. We built a team whose expertise and working styles complement each other. We’re people first, and advisors second. We all have pre-conceived notions about money, but you can build money habits that support your values. You can shape your own money mindset—although getting where you want to be may not be a straight line. Appreciate where you are; value where you’ve been. Let’s plan for your next.